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Moving Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

Moving is an exciting time. It means opening yourself up to new opportunities and challenges. It signifies the start of a new chapter in your life, whether you're moving across the country or just moving to a different neighborhood in the same city. One of the most popular reasons many people move is to upgrade from an apartment and into their first home.

Buying your first home should be one of the more enjoyable events of your adult life. You've reached a certain level of financial security. Maybe you're ready to start a family. Maybe you're just ready for some more space. Whatever the case for your move may be, we've compiled the following list of moving tips for first-time home buyers to make your move go smoothly.

When it Comes to Furniture, Less is Best

While shopping around for your new home, it can be tempting to start buying more furniture before your move. Resist this urge. Remember that many times the cost of your move is determined by the overall weight of your shipment. More, heavy furniture means more dollars spent getting your belongings to your new home. Consider buying furniture from a national chain and see if they will deliver it once you've settled in.

It's Time to Finally Declutter

Perhaps the best way to ensure you get through your move as efficiently as possible is to declutter your current home. Take the time to sit down and determine what you really want to bring with you. Use your move as an opportunity to donate or consign furniture, clothing or other older items that you don't want or need. Doing this will cut back significantly on packing time, and loading/unloading time.

Find the Right Neighborhood

If you have kids, you'll most likely be looking for a neighborhood that is already well-established. If you're just starting out, however, consider moving to an up-and-coming neighborhood instead. You'll get a cheaper price on your home and your equity will continue to grow as the neighborhood does.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

There will always be a cost to moving, even if you do it all yourself or with the help of friends. And you should never underestimate how much of an impact a professional mover can have on your relocation. Packing, loading and unloading becomes much easier. You don't have to do any of the heavy lifting. You have to do your homework to find a reputable mover you can trust, but it's time well spent when you ensure your belongings arrive at your new home safely and undamaged.

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