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Moving Terms Explained!

Moving is complex and the vocabulary can be confusing, so we wanted to take the time to provide you with a glossary of some terms that you’re bound to hear when using a professional moving company such as Stevens Worldwide Van Lines! Understanding these key words will make moving a snap!

Agent – An independent moving company acting on behalf of Stevens Worldwide Van Lines to provide customers with moving (both at origin and destination) and storage services.

Bill of Lading – The industry standard contract and shipping document. It is signed both by the customer as well as the agent/van line. The bill of lading details pickup and delivery dates, shipping instructions, valuation coverage and instructions for billing.

Carrier – A van line (such as Stevens Worldwide Van Lines) whose authority grants permission to relocate goods across state lines (also known as interstate moves).

C.O.D.Cash on Delivery or the typical method of paying for a move. Accepted forms of payment include credit card or check.

Destination – Location of the final delivery of a move.

Destination Agent – The Stevens agent responsible for carrying out all requested services (such as storage and unpacking, etc.) at the destination location.

Estimate – A calculated approximation of the cost of your move based on a survey of your possessions that you will be moving, distance of your move and any additional services that you may request.

Forwarder – A company which arranges for the transportation of good. Stevens International Forwarders is a prime example.

Interstate Move – A move that crosses state lines.

Intrastate Move – A move that occurs within the borders of the same state.

Inventory – An itemized document listing every carton and piece of furniture that is shipped along with details on the condition of the pieces. Inventories are signed by the customer at origin and destination.

Origin – The location where the shipment is picked up.

Origin Agent - The Stevens agent responsible for carrying out all requested services (such as performing the estimate and packing household goods) at the origin location.

Storage Container – A large, plywood box in which household goods are placed for storage.

Third Party Services – Moving Services ( such as the removal of an antenna or satellite dish, crating or servicing appliances) performed by an individual or company not associated with Stevens Worldwide Van Lines. These will appear as a separate item on the bill of lading.

Valuation – Protection for your possessions during the moving process. Valuation protects against damage and loss and is required by Federal law for all movers. While it is not insurance, it is the level of liability we assume for your goods. Simply put: if your goods get lost or damaged in transit, valuation is a specified amount the mover agrees to pay on a claim caused by us.

We hope that helps you navigate some of the language that we, in the moving and storage industry, use every day! Be sure to ask your Stevens Representative if you have any questions regarding terms or your move in general. If you’d like to learn more about how Stevens can best meet your needs, be sure to visit our Why Choose Stevens page on our website!

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