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What to Expect When Moving With Stevens


Your Step-by-Step Moving Timeline

Communication is crucial at all stages of the moving process. When you partner with Stevens Worldwide, you can rely on clear, open channels of communication every step of the way.

Below you’ll find detailed information about what you can expect during various points of your relocation.

Start With Stevens

Our team takes a careful, step-by-step approach to relocation. From the very start, we provide the tools, expertise and information you need for a problem-free move:

  • Start with a free, no-obligations quote. Based on information like the size of your move and destination, we’re able to give you an estimate of how much your move will cost.
  • Once you’ve received your quote, a Stevens relocation consultant will reach out to coordinate next steps. Your consultant acts as your personal point of contact for the duration of your move, keeping you informed every step of the way. He or she also helps determine which services are best suited to your needs, including:
    • Packing and Unpacking
    • Specialized handling and shipping
    • Short and long-term storage

Your Moving Responsibilities


While Stevens is equipped and ready to shoulder the bulk of relocation responsibilities, there are tasks you’ll want to handle on your own. We recommend customers prepare and schedule time to manage the following:

  • Pack and transport all valuables (money, jewelry, documents, etc.) separate from items on the moving truck.
  • Arrange transportation for anything that is flammable, explosive or corrosive. These items are marked non-transportable by Stevens Worldwide. We’ve put together a full list of items not allowed on our moving trucks here.
  • Remove items fixed to the wall or ceiling for movers to pack and ship. This includes ceiling fans, light fixtures and décor.
  • Empty food from refrigerators and freezers. Stevens is unable to transport frozen or perishable food items on the truck.
  • Gasoline-powered engines must be emptied of all gas and oil. This is particularly important if you’re transporting cars or motorcycles.

Finally, be sure to handle all documentation like address changes, motor vehicle transfers and school records.

Packing Options - Which is Best for You?

Packing services are available for all Stevens Worldwide customers, and are completely customizable based on your unique moving needs:

  • Full Pack – Stevens is responsible for packing all household items.
  • Partial Pack – We’re responsible for packing only select items.
  • Customer Pack – You’re responsible for packing your own items.

If you elect for full or partial-pack services, it’s important to remember there are certain items your relocation team is not responsible for packing and transporting, including explosive and corrosive chemicals. Here’s a full list of non-transportable items for your reference.

Stevens Worldwide also doesn’t pack items like money and jewelry. However, for other items like silver, artwork, etc., we require customer signatures on a High Value Inventory form. We ask that you be present as these boxes are packed and sealed with a safety sticker.

Loading & Unloading Items

On loading day, our crews will be transferring boxes to onto moving trucks for transport. A lot of traffic in and out of the house makes loading day hectic – and often overwhelming – for customers. The team at Stevens Worldwide wants to ease this process as much as possible. Here’s what you can expect on loading day:

  • Please make yourself (or another designated adult) available for the entirety of moving day. This is in case crew members have any questions regarding special or delicate items.
  • The truck driver will work through an inventory sheet with you. Take a close look to make sure you agree with notations made by the driver regarding the condition of furniture. If there are any discrepancies, make note of these on the inventory sheet before you sign it.
  • Take one last walk through the house, garage, attic or yard to be sure nothing is left behind.
  • Make sure the driver and your assigned relocation consultant can reach you while on the road.

After the driver arrives to your new home, the Stevens team will begin the unloading process. As items begin making their way off the truck, carefully inspect each one for damage. If it’s in good condition, check it off on the original inventory sheet. However, if items are damaged or missing, make note on the inventory sheet so it can be handled through your moving insurance policy.

If you discover items within boxes have been damaged, please notify your relocation consultant immediately. Stevens Worldwide will promptly and thoroughly investigate claims and establish a file.

After Your Move

For Stevens, the work doesn’t end when the last boxes are unloaded. Your relocation consultant will be in touch a few days after you’ve settled in. Our customers’ opinions matter, and we want to know how we performed, what you enjoyed and what could’ve gone better.

We’re ready to deliver a moving experience unlike any other before. Take the first step and request your free quote today.


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