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Moving Tips from Stevens Worldwide

Over 100 years in business and 15,000 families moved each year has given Stevens Worldwide an in-depth understanding of relocation. And if there’s anything we’ve learned from this experience, it’s that the key to a successful move is preparation. We’re dedicated to guiding families through easy relocation processes with minimal issues along the way. Whether it’s packing boxes, selecting storage units or making sure you’ve completed all to-do tasks, we’ve got the tip sheets and how-to guides to help you manage your move.

Your Moving Timeline

Whether across the street or across the country, moving is no small feat. But careful organization and planning can help you and your family avoid moving-day obstacles. Here are a few tips from our industry-seasoned relocation team:

Before You Move

  • Arrange your home inspection as soon as possible to identify necessary repairs to complete prior to listing and selling your home.
  • Sift through closets, cabinets and drawers to declutter. Not only does this help you take inventory of what’s in your home, but you can also get rid of unwanted, unnecessary items – and save time and money when packing.
  • Make arrangements for your pets. With items getting shuffled around, and people in and out, it’s safest for pets to be out of the house.

During Your Move

  • Start packing out-of-season items and belongings you don’t need immediate access to first. This gets items out of the way and onto the truck faster. Then, turn your attention to essential items you’ll need within the first few days of moving into your new home.
  • Get your kids involved. Big changes can be overwhelming for young children, so including them in the moving process helps ease the transition.
  • Arrange hazardous items like flammable gasses or corrosive chemicals separately from other household goods. These materials can’t go on the truck, and should be packed separately and transported in your vehicle.

After Your Move

  • Check all boxes for any obvious signs of damage. You’ll want to make note of these to tell your moving representative.
  • Create a checklist of any simple home improvements you’d like completed before unpacking. With items already out of the way, it’s an ideal time to tackle small DIY projects.
  • Touch base with your moving representative one last time to run through your moving contract and sign off on your final invoice.

Other Resources for a Headache-Free Move

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines has a full library of resources available to you. These helpful moving tips and cost saving tricks are tried and tested to ensure that they help make your move a seamless process. Please feel free to take advantage of the various moving tips pages we have made available, including our:

In more than 110 years as a professional moving company, we’ve gained the type of experience you’d expect from one of the nation’s leading moving companies.

We know that moves take on all shapes and sizes, that’s why we dedicate ourselves to Total Customer Satisfaction™. In more than 110 years as a professional moving company, we’ve gained the type of experience you’d expect from thousands of successful moves.

At Stevens Worldwide Van Lines, we know what it takes to move your belongings with care and efficiency. Our dedicated moving crew will transport your items without loss or damage. Need someone to come help you pack, move or find storage space? We offer all of those optional services as well. Make the most of your move, click here to learn what to expect when moving with Stevens!

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