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How to Select the Right Moving Company


Selecting the Right Mover for You

Selecting the right mover is a key part of the relocation process. You want the peace of mind that you’re working with a reputable company that will ensure the safe loading, transit and placement of your belongings.

At Stevens Worldwide, we’re dedicated to helping you find the moving partner that will meet your relocation needs. We detail what you need to look for, common questions to ask prospective moving companies, how to compare your options and more.

How to Select a Moving Company

The process of finding the right moving company can be a challenge, especially since there’s no shortage of companies available. But when packing up your family, home and belongings, you want to be sure the movers you selected have the tools and expertise to get your items to their destination.

Keep these important selection criteria in mind as you research movers:

  • Make sure movers are licensed and accredited. You can ask moving companies for their Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) number to verify they’re a licensed provider.
  • Confirm movers carry (and offer) protection.Inquire about moving protection and policy plans – particularly, how they handle indemnification of transported household items. In the event of accidents or damage, it’s important to ensure both parties are protected.
  • Select movers associated with credible organizations. You can research potential movers through:
  • American Moving & Storage Association
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

These organizations offer resources and information for families including regulations by state, accreditation and more.

Questions to Ask Your Movers

After you’ve identified potential moving providers and narrowed down the list of contenders, compile a list of questions to ask movers. This is an opportunity for you to learn more about services provided, the anticipated moving timeline and what you can expect before, during and after your move.

Questions to ask your movers include:

  • Are you licensed for local, long-distance and interstate moves?
  • Is the price you quote me final? Am I able to adjust as needed?
  • Do you charge by total mileage or total weight?
  • Can my items be stored temporarily if needed?
  • How do you protect my home against damage?
  • What are my payment options? When is payment due?
  • How long will it take to pack, load, unload and unpack?

Here’s a full list of questions you can ask movers before beginning your relocation.

Comparing Moving Companies

Locating the right moving company can be a daunting, overwhelming task. There are hundreds of companies available, all with varying degrees of pricing and services. The movers you select have long-term implications (both positive and negative), so it’s important to have confidence in your provider.

How do you decide between movers? A simple comparison between your top contenders will reveal the provider right for your relocation. In addition to comparing things like reviews, available services and quotes, use the chart below as a guide to compare and select your movers:

Why Choose Stevens Worldwide

At Stevens Worldwide, our approach is simple: We take care of your family like we would our own. We understand no two moves are the same. Each one requires a customized plan and approach tailored around your needs.

With an expertly trained team and a time-tested approach to moving, Stevens has been the go-to moving provider for families across the country and around the world for over 110 years.

Why choose Stevens to assist with your relocation?

  • Our stellar ratings and commitment to top-quality service.
  • Flexible options and plans, including the Stevens Home Protection Kit™
  • Industry accreditations and recognition with organizations like the American Moving and Storage Association and Better Business Bureau, among others.
  • Professionally trained, uniformed and vetted crews dedicated to delivering high-quality service to our customers.

Moving Made Simple With Stevens Worldwide

We know moving isn’t a one-and-done process. There are several steps you need to take to ensure the job is done with few obstacles. The good news? The team at Stevens is ready to help. From packing to coordinating long-distance shipping, we have the tools, network and expertise to guide you through a simple and safe transition.

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