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Moving an Entire Office is Simple

Running an entire office is tough work, but a commercial move is downright impossibleOffice moving unless you've established a proper strategy. According to the Silicon Valley Mercury News, internet giant Facebook moved to the city of Menlo Park and had taken up residence in the former headquarters of Sun Microsystems. It's a certainty that such an enormous move was being carefully planned and executed with the help of a moving and relocation company.

The first thing to consider is where every item is going to go. Moving an entire company should begin with a familiarity of the new space. Make maps with accurate measurements that depict every room so that you can decide the best location for every desk, computer and chair in the space. Failing to do so will lead the corporate relocation company to resort to stacking boxes and furniture randomly, making the move take twice as long.

You can also use such a move as an opportunity to upgrade certain elements in your office. For example, if you've been meaning to improve the desks that your staff uses, don't put it off until after everything's been taken to a new building. Instead, get rid of the old units during the process of packing and have new items shipped to your upgraded office.

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