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Key Planning Tips for Moving to Colorado


Challenges of Moving Locally

Moving to Colorado? Every year, thousands flock to the state’s natural beauty, national parks and unique culture. But before you can enjoy exploring unfamiliar territory, you need to get things squared away with your move.


Families and individuals often procrastinate, leaving moving tasks to the last minute. Unfortunately, this leads to disorganization, confusion and ultimately, frustration. Don’t fall behind before you even begin. Start planning your move now for a smooth, headache-free transition later.

Your Checklist for Moving to Colorado

Now that you’ve secured a new home and toured the neighborhood, it’s time to turn your attention to moving tasks. Without a clear plan of action, moving quickly turns into a messy, disastrous affair. But if you approach moving step-by-step, carefully detailing each responsibility, you’ll find it’s simpler and far less complicated.

Not sure where to begin? Here’s a good place to start:

  • Assess the belongings in your home to determine what will make the journey. . Comb through your home room by room, clearing drawers, dressers and trunks to determine which belongings will be coming with you to Colorado. Trash, sell or donate items that won’t be making the journey. Clearing house now means less to pack, which also cuts down on packing supplies and overall moving costs.
  • If you’re considering hiring movers, lock them in sooner rather than later. Although moving is typically approached as a DIY task, hiring a team movers takes a load off your shoulders. Movers can help you pack, load and unload the moving truck, creating a simpler process. If you decide to go with the pros, make sure to get a head start. Movers’ calendars fill up quickly, so aim to secure a team at least 8-12 weeks before your desired moving date.
  • Make sure you have access to storage units, if necessary. Moving delays can be caused by inclement weather (especially when moving to Colorado), last-minute home inspections and other challenges. If unforeseen circumstances arise, it’s helpful to have access to nearby storage units. If you’ve chosen to have professionals move you and your family, check to see if they have storage units available. Not only do you have a guarantee that your items are safe until ready to be moved again, but the movers will bring belongings to your new home when you’re ready.

Moving to Colorado Made Simple With Stevens Worldwide

At Stevens Worldwide, we approach every move with a plan. As we get to know you, your family and your unique moving situation, that plan is tailored to fit your exact needs. We focus on the highest quality of customer care, and are committed to providing you with a memorable, hassle-free moving experience.

Our teams will pack, load, unload and drive the moving van to your new Colorado home, allowing you to focus on getting your family settled.

If you’re moving to Colorado, don’t make a move with Stevens Worldwide. To request a free quote or learn more about our services, contact us today.


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