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Keep Your Kids Entertained on Your Interstate Move

Moves sometimes mean long-distance, cross country drives. When you move kids from Children in the Carone location to another, there’s a highly likelihood you’ll be hitting the road in the family vehicle – why not turn the experience into a memorable family summer road-trip?

We’ve put together a short list of our favorite road trip activities to keep your children entertained on your interstate move road trip:

1. Audiobooks for kids: Children today are often engaged to electronic devices. If you’d like to turn the screens off for a change, try playing an audiobook for your children to pass the time. Many popular children’s titles are available as audiobooks so making a selection is typically a snap!

2. Presents: This may seem a little unorthodox. Buying your kids gifts and wrapping them before setting out on your interstate adventure is a great investment when you need to occupy your little ones later on down the road. Inexpensive plastic toys are a great way to keep kids entertained while handheld video games can pacify a teenager.

3. Window markers: Are your children artistic? Do they enjoy paper games? Window markers are the answer! They wash off easily with baby wipes and they’re small so space isn’t an issue either.

4. Road Trip Games: the possibilities are limitless! If you can think it up, it can happen. From “I spy” to the “License Plate Game” there are dozens.

There you have it; our top choices for keeping your kids entertained during your interstate move across the country. If you have questions about any step of your move, slide on in to our Resources Page for more information. If you have an upcoming move and would like to request a free, in-home estimate, check out our estimate form!

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