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Interstate Operating Authority

Please refer to the table below for a list of Stevens' Interstate Operating Authority numbers:

  No Authority


STATE Authority # SVLM DOD SVLM GSA Burnham Service Busv DOD Busv GSY Remarks
AL REGULATED APSC 409            
AK DE-REGULATED              
AR REGULATED              
AZ DE-REGULATED              
CA REGULATED MTR0175723            
CO REGULATED HHG-00280            
CT REGULATED              
DE DE-REGULATED              
DC DE-REGULATED              
FL DE-REGULATED IM-320            
GA REGULATED HG 20615     HG 209393      
HI REGULATED              
IA REGULATED              
ID DE-REGULATED              
IL REGULATED ILCC MC: 2210            
IN REGULATED              
KS REGULATED              
KY REGULATED              
LA REGULATED              
MA REGULATED DTE 2741            
MD DE-REGULATED              
ME DE-REGULATED              
MI REGULATED MPSC L687, L1176            
MN REGULATED              
MO REGULATED DOT #72029            
MS REGULATED              
MT REGULATED              
NC REGULATED C-1314            
ND REGULATED              
NE REGULATED              
NH REGULATED              
NJ REGULATED              
NM REGULATED              
NV REGULATED              
NY REGULATED T-34869            
OH REGULATED 4643-HG     136619-HG      
OK REGULATED              
OR REGULATED              
PA REGULATED              
RI REGULATED              
SC REGULATED              
SD DE-REGULATED              
TN DE-REGULATED              
TX REGULATED TX DOT 005257013C     TX DOT 005656658C      
UT DE-REGULATED              
VA REGULATED              
VT DE-REGULATED              
WA REGULATED WUTC HG010341            
WI DE-REGULATED              
WV REGULATED              
WY REGULATED            

Last Updated: June, 2017


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