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Packing & Loading

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When your items are prepared for an international move, each is carefully wrapped and padded before being placed into a moving crate or container. Stevens International uses specific methods and procedures for packing and loading furniture and other household goods for an international move.

Many factors determine which routing option is best suited for a relocation based on the origin location, weight and volume of the items being shipped and the additional fees charged at the destination port of arrival.   These factors combined with a physical survey at origin when warranted help the Stevens International rate specialist create and propose the best routing and rate options to suit individual requirements.

Moving Your Items Internationally

Our goal is to meet your expectations so please be sure to advise if you have time frame limitations,  required price range limitations and/or weight and cubic feet estimates.

Stevens International will strive to provide you with the rates and services tailored to match your needs!

International shipments require special attention, and can be handled in one of three following ways:

  1. Wooden shipping crates known as lift vans.
  2. Steamship containers, which are made of steel and limited in the number of sizes available. Here, the volume of a shipment will determine the size of the container used
  3. Air freight boxes, which are typically used for smaller shipments or for items that need to arrive at destination within a short time frame

Items transported in an international move must go through customs clearance at the port of arrival. After the shipment is cleared by customs, the items are delivered to the destination location or placed in storage until the international shipment is ready to be delivered.

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