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Corporate Moving

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A ready-to-deploy mobile workforce counts among today’s most valuable corporate assets, offering a vehicle for growing the business, bridging critical skill gaps and engaging and retaining the next generation of leaders.

Historically relocation programs were associated with employee benefits as a need to fulfill operational and logistical issues; rarely were relocation benefits associated with career progression or long-term corporate goals. With the demands of today’s workforce, talent shortages and economic pressures, Stevens International has seen a shift in workforce mobility trends. Today’s talent management strategies are trending toward more short term assignments designed as career development opportunities for meeting long-term organizational and employee objectives.

A solid workforce mobility program can advance and support talent management strategies while positively impacting business results. In working with our corporate clients, Stevens International recognized the need to meet organizational and employee objectives – no two organizations are alike, nor are their relocation needs. Below are some ways we have worked with corporate clients, you may require a different process or find value in learning what others are doing.

Employee Choice

Many of our clients allow their transferees choices in the process. Transferees may request variations from a standard policy, or even want to decide whether to move with Stevens or do a self-move. We support your needs and those of your transferee through our Relocation Service Center.

Lump Sum

Some clients prefer to assign a specific budget, or “lump sum amount” to a transferee’s move. We work directly with each transferee to build a relocation solution that addresses their needs and priorities.

Reimbursements Options

Clients sometime choose to reimburse the transferee after the fact. Some reimburse only a portion of the moving expenses while some employees are responsible for their full relocation cost. Our Relocation Consultants work with a number of reimbursement solutions to ensure your transferee is in place, on time and ready to face a new challenge!

Relocation Management Companies (RMC)

Some of our clients have outsourced the management of the relocation process to a RMC. We understand the importance of following their processes while supporting your organization’s needs and have a successful track record with all significant RMCs.

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