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How to Make a Temporary Apartment Feel Like Home

There really is no place like home and moving into a new one can be an exciting and busy time in your life. You probably can’t wait to get settled and start making your new place feel like it’s all yours. However, sometimes during a move, people find themselves in a position where they must live in an apartment temporarily until their permanent home is ready for them.

The most common reasons for moving into a temporary apartment are a sudden job transfer to a different state, a lack of available dorm rooms at your university, or the unexpected quick sale of your home. Whatever the reason you find yourself in a temporary apartment, here are a few easy ways to make it feel like home.

Hang Family Photos

Before you move into your temporary place, pack a small box with a few of your favorite family photos and heirlooms. Be sure to label the box properly so that you can easily identify it upon arrival. Putting these few pictures and items up around your temporary place will help quickly make it feel more like home.

Select a Few Favorite Items

Although many temporary apartments come pre-furnished, some property managers may let you swap out a favorite chair or desk for one that you already own. Other items, such as quilts, throw pillows and small rugs can liven up a temporary home and make it feel unique. Be sure to load these choice items onto the moving truck last to make them easier to grab and place in your apartment. This is especially true for any furniture that you’d like to use.

Meet The Neighbors

Just because you won’t be here very long, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get acquainted with the neighbors. Go around and try to introduce yourself to everyone on your floor first and then gradually meet the rest of the building in time. You may want to invite some of your neighbors over for dinner or a cup of coffee and let them know that you’re living in your apartment temporarily. Many people understand that transitional periods can be challenging and will want to help in some way.


Speaking of inviting people for dinner, cooking in your new place can be an excellent way to get acclimated. Using your pre-supplied kitchen appliances to prepare a delicious meal will make them feel like your own and remind you of the great times you had while cooking in your old place. Nothing makes a place feel more familiar than the smell of a fresh, home-cooked meal.

Take Only What You Need and Unpack Everything

It can be tempting to leave some things in boxes since you know you won’t be staying in your apartment permanently. However, a pile of unpacked boxes will be a constant reminder that you’re not quite at home.

Chances are, if you’re moving into a temporary apartment, you already have a storage facility picked out. Take advantage of it and keep as many things in storage as possible. Pack and bring those favorite items that we outlined earlier, as well as any other essentials, and nothing else. If you don’t have a storage facility picked out, be sure to consult with your moving crew about long and short-term storage options. This means fewer boxes to unpack in the long run.

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