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How to Find a Good Moving Company

Of all of the decisions you make when planning a move, there’s no doubt the most important one is which moving company you decide to hire. The moving and storage industry is extremely competitive, meaning you have a seemingly unlimited number of movers to choose from. And as it is with any highly-competitive industry, some of the companies vying for your business are better and more trustworthy than others.

To help you spot the red flags of less reputable moving companies, we've decided to assemble a list of ways to ensure that you know exactly what you're getting when you hire a mover. It's easy to determine if you're choosing the right company as long as you follow these steps. Remember, if you ever have a question about a company you find on the web, the best thing to do is contact them directly.

  • Remember to always use reputable search tools when looking for a moving company. Use a Google search to find companies with legitimate websites. We also have a Find An Agent tool on our website that can help you find a local mover in your area.
  • Remember to ask for a detailed, printed estimate form when the movers arrive. Legitimate moving companies expect to be asked for this, so if the person you're talking to can't provide one, that should tell you all you need to know.
  • Reputable moving companies will ask for little to no upfront money as a deposit. If a mover asks for a majority of the costs before doing any work, consider it a red flag.
  • In all 50 states, the law requires that a moving company carry some form of insurance and liability protection. All you need to do is ask to see a copy.
  • The Internet can be a huge help. Sites like can help connect you with reputable businesses in your area.
  • Last, but certainly not least, is the importance of a complete contract. Never, under any circumstance, sign a blank contract or one in which all parameters of the arrangement are not spelled out. Complete contracts aren't just in your best interest, they are in the best interest of any legitimate moving company too. Get everything in writing.

Remember to follow these guidelines as well as the advice on our moving tips page when planning your next move. For your free in-home estimate, complete our simple online form today.


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