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Hire Movers or Recruit Your Friends? How to Decide Who Will Get Packing

Moving can be stressful in and of itself, and if you should decide to pack your own belongings, it can be an overwhelming endeavor without a proper system in place.

In between frantically dragging your unwanted gear to the curb and making an attempt to use your clothing as packing material, it dawns on you that packing all of your belongings by yourself isn’t going to cut it. Do you recruit your friends or do you hire professionals?

Before you make that decision (or whimper in the corner), take these three factors into account:

1. Distance

If you’re moving into a new city or across state lines, the potential for error increases. If the truck is incorrectly packed, then your possessions could be damaged over several miles of travel. That is, if the truck makes it there at all.

Rented trucks can fall into disrepair and break down which creates an entirely different level of nightmare. Moving companies often have backup trucks that can come meet the broken down truck without losing much time on the move.

2. Time

If you’re moving locally, you should evaluate the amount of time you invest in moving.

Professionals often make more sense when you’re pressed for time.

If you have a full day to move, you can save money and ask your friends for help, in the end it might even be fun, assuming there aren’t any arguments about how to load up the truck.

3. Skill Sets

This is about much more than carrying boxes out your door and into a truck. Honestly assess your friends’ skills and if they can contribute.

For example, if you don’t have much furniture, you might not need a pro. If you do, however, own a lot of hard-to-assemble furniture, your friends may not be your best choice.

Also consider logistics. Will your friends be properly experienced and equipped to get your stuff into your new place?

When to Compromise

If you’re on a tight budget but also worried that your friends will break everything, there might be a compromise. Rather than pay for a full-service move, hire a professional for the most grueling part.

Maybe you want your friends for the unloading part. That’s perfectly cool After all, they’re still your friends, right? At least for one more move!

For more tips on how to pack and information on hiring a professional mover, check out our page on comparing moving companies. To request a free, in-home moving estimate, click here!

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