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3 Things You Should Know About Express Move Pricing by Stevens

Using Express Move Pricing by Stevens is a great first step in getting a ballpark price when planning your long-distance, state-to-state move. With little effort on your end, our instant moving quote pricing tool offers insight into the approximate cost of your move by giving you an instant and quick, ballpark range of what your moving costs will be.

As you begin your move planning and go about requesting an instant moving quote by Stevens, there are some items that you will want to keep in mind. We’ve put together the following list of 3 Things You Should Know When Requesting Express Move Pricing; this will help you better understand the ins and outs of this type of instant estimating of move costs.


3 Things You Should Know:

  1. Express Move Pricing includes a full professional move. We protect and pad your home and possessions with Stevens Home Protection Kit™, as we load, deliver & place your possessions in your new home. Basic liability protection is included.
  2. The actual cost of your move is based on several factors.
    • Weight: The cost of your move is based on the weight of your possessions. Our Express Move Pricing tool offers an approximate cost based on industry standard weights and more than 110 years of experience of moving similar size households.
    • Miles: Express Move Pricing by Stevens calculates the distance of your move based on the miles between origin and destination zip codes; actual distance between move origin and move destination is likely to differ.
    • Additional Services: When moving you have options! Stevens provides specialty moving services, including packing, unpacking and storage. The level of service you choose will be calculated into the final cost of your move.
    • Protection In Transit:  Express Move Pricing by Stevens allows for Basic Liability Protection (known within the industry as valuation). Our Basic Liability coverage provides you with minimum protection in the event loss or damage occurs. Based on the contents you are moving, Stevens recommends upgrading your protection to Full Value Protection.
  3. In-home Estimates are the most accurate method of providing a cost for any relocation.
    • A visual estimate delivers the most accurate estimate based on all of the multiple factors and services that can influence the price of a move and gives you the opportunity to discuss your move needs and concerns in detail with a professional. Be sure to ask your Stevens Representative about our Guaranteed, Not To Exceed Pricing which further ensures and guarantees accuracy in pricing.

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