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The ABC’s of Finding and Hiring Residential Moving Companies

Residential moving companies are available for more than just loading and unloading a moving truck. When you hand over the reins to experts, you don’t have to worry about typical moving-day tasks like packing, loading and driving the moving truck. That means less time worrying about how many boxes you’ll need, and more time focusing on a smooth transition for your family.

The ABC’s of Partnering with Residential Moving Companies

You’ve made the decision to hire residential movers. But now comes the task of researching potential partners. A simple Google search in your area will reveal hundreds of available residential moving companies. However, no two providers are the same. Everything from experience to available services can differ between movers.

Not sure where to begin? The ABC’s of residential moving companies serve as a helpful guide, allowing you to find movers right for your family:

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  • Ask about available storage units. Hit a bad snowstorm? Last-minute renovations on your new home? If any of these (or other) situations arise, you could be facing delayed move in. That means you’re responsible for securing your belongings overnight. Don’t get stuck scrambling for storage. Partner with residential movers who have conveniently located, secure facilities around the country. Even if it’s overnight, you can rest assured knowing items are safe until moving can resume.

  • Be sure to inquire about moving insurance. Accidents happen, especially during moves. When searching residential moving companies, don’t forget to ask about movers insurance. Most top-tier providers offer several plans and options. That way if belongings are lost or damaged, you’re off the hook for replacement costs.

  • Check customer reviews before signing on with movers. Customer testimonials reveal a lot about residential movers. When you’ve narrowed down a list of potential moving companies, visit their website (as well as pages like their Google Business page or local BBB) for reviews. Previous customer experiences might solidify that movers are experienced, trusted professionals. If a moving company has less-than-stellar ratings, you might want to cross them off your list.

Stevens Worldwide: A Leader Among Residential Moving Companies

For over 100 years, Stevens Worldwide has been a go-to among residential moving companies. Our team of carefully trained, experienced movers are dedicated to creating a hassle-free transition.

Our moving service offerings:

  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Temporary and Permanent Storage
  • Shipping

Ready for a trustworthy moving partner? Stevens Worldwide is here to help. To request a free quote or learn more about our services, contact us today.


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