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Moving to Florida? Here’s How to
Ease the Burden

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Ideal weather and plenty of greenery make moving to Florida a top priority for thousands of people every year. But before you can enjoy year-round sunshine, you need to take time to plan your move – something that can quickly take the excitement out of moving to a new state.  

Three Key Questions to Ask Moving Companies When Moving to Florida

Feeling overwhelmed by moving-day responsibilities? You might want to consider hiring some professional help. Experienced movers can handle a large majority of moving-day tasks, allowing you to focus on settling in to your new home.

As you begin searching for movers, asking a few important questions can help you secure the moving company that will simplify moving to Florida:

  • Do the movers provide packing services? If you’re prepping to move to Florida from out of state, cheap cardboard boxes won’t cut it. The moving company you hire should show up prepared with a range of different options for moving your possessions, including dollies, oversized boxes, cartons, crates and more. Experts also have a packing strategy in place, ensuring a move that doesn’t result in damaged, broken or lost items. 

  • Do they have processes in place for moving valuable items? Attempting to move fragile, oversized belongings on your own is a challenge, especially without proper equipment. Professional movers can take care of delicate items, safely wrapping and padding them in the moving truck. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that antique grandfather clock or delicate glass table with arrive to your new Florida home in one piece.

  • Does the moving company provide storage options? Timing is one of the most daunting elements of a move. From lining up move-out and move-in dates to dealing with last minute curveballs like bad weather, having a storage service rolled into your movers’ offerings is beneficial. With access to short-term and long-term storage options, you won’t be left scrambling to find a safe place for your belongings until moving can resume.

Moving to the Sunshine State With Stevens Worldwide

Stevens Worldwide is your go-to partner when moving out of state. With more than 100 years experience, the Stevens team knows how to effectively tackle moves of all sizes. From full-service packing to long-distance shipping, we work with you to plan and execute your move – headaches and hassles not included. 

Moving to Florida is about to get that much simpler. Request a free quote to get started with Stevens today

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