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Moving to Arizona? Here's How to Prepare

Expansive national parks and ideal weather have made moving to Arizona a top priority for millions of families. Although the opportunity to explore a new location is exciting, moving across state lines requires some serious prep work. Before you start planning which hiking trail you’ll tackle first, you want to get started on a moving plan. 

3 Questions to Ask When Moving to Arizona

Missing and damaged items, confusion and soaring expenses are all symptoms of poor move planning. When moving to Arizona, it’s important that you have a clear plan of action and strategic approach to your move. Some questions to work through include:
  1. Which items need to be packed, and which ones aren’t making the journey? Go through your home to decide what goes and what stays. Look through closets, attics and drawers, either donating, selling or throwing away items you won’t keep. An in-depth purge means less packing, as well as fewer boxes to haul on the moving truck. 

  2. Will I have access to storage units? Although it’s uncommon to run into situations that stall moving, you’re better off prepared in case of a delay. Instead of scrambling to locate a facility, make sure to carefully research storage options before moving. Look for units that offer temporary, long-term and permanent rental periods. Some units also have climate-controlled facilities, which is beneficial to protect furniture – especially in the Arizona heat.  

  3. Will I need extra help to complete this move? At a glance, moving to Arizona seems straightforward. But as you begin to prepare, you’ll realize that several moving parts can quickly complicate things. If pre-move planning already has you overwhelmed, you might want to consider hiring professional movers to help. Whether you just need someone to drive your truck, or you opt in for a full-service move, a team of professionals can streamline moving day, allowing you to focus on a smooth transition. 

Moving to Arizona? Let Stevens Worldwide Get You There

At Stevens Worldwide, we know that moving is a physically and emotionally demanding task. For over 100 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping families complete a hassle-free relocation through customized moving plans and high-quality service. Our careful attention to detail and family-oriented approach has earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Our moving-day capabilities include:

  • On-site packing and unpacking

  • Specialized handling for overweight and fragile items

  • Temporary and permanent storage

Stevens Worldwide is The Way to Move. To learn more about how we make moving to Arizona simple, contact us today.  

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