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How to Find the Right Mover for Moving Across the Country  

family after cross-country move
Moving across the country is no small task. The stressors that come with moving are endless, from closing on a new property to relocating your possessions hundreds of miles away. Plus, moving is only a small part of the to-do list. Leaving behind an old home and moving into a new one in a new state requires a list of to-do’s to get settled in, ranging from cosmetic upgrades to establishing residency with the state.

Three Moving To-Dos to Outsource to Cross-Country Moving Services

With so much to do, it makes sense to hand off a couple tasks to a moving expert. Here are a couple to consider:
  • Storage – When moving across the country, it can be tough to get timelines to line up correctly. If you need to be out of your old before you can move into your new one, it’s beneficial to have storage options available. That way, your possessions are safe until moving is ready to resume.

  • Packing and unpacking – Packing is easily the most tedious part of the moving process. It’s so easy to leave it to the last second and rush through completely unorganized. This can come back to haunt you when something important gets lost or left behind. If you choose to turn to a professional moving company, you can pass the hassle of packing off to them. Trained professionals who know how to package all belongings so that they’ll survive the move is a great alternative to a messy and stressed marathon packing session by yourself

  • Long-distance shipping – Shipping belongings is a great tool when you’re moving across the country. Rather than going all out in one day, you can ship your belongings as convenient for you and have them kept in storage until you’re ready to settle into your new home. Each item is packed safely and securely, guaranteeing your possessions get to their final destination without the slightest dent or scratch.

Let Stevens Take the Stress Out of Moving Across the Country

When it comes to moving, Stevens Worldwide understands how stressful and overwhelming the process can be. We also know how to ease that burden. Every move is unique, and with more than 100 years of experience in full-service moving, we work with our clients to help them choose the right services for their move.

Don’t get bogged down when moving across the country. We’re here to ease your cross-country move by helping you cross off the biggest, most time-consuming to-dos. 
Stevens Worldwide is here to help. For more information and to get a cross-country moving quote, contact us today.

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