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How to Choose the Best NYC Moving Companies


When moving in or out of the city, hiring NYC moving companies is key to an easy, low-stress transition. You already need to deal with the difficulties of moving to a new home – don’t add hauling heavy furniture through narrow stairwells or navigating city traffic in a moving truck to the list. Hiring help is a convenient, efficient and affordable way to move.

3 Things to Look for When Hiring NYC Moving Companies


There is no shortage of NYC moving companies. And while options are always helpful, sometimes choosing the right one can be overwhelming. When it comes to finding movers in NYC, keep an eye out for a few key factors that can make or break your moving experience

    Many tech companies relocating to NYC
  • Reputation – Among the hundreds of NYC moving companies, there are many amateur movers that can easily botch your transition – especially if you’re moving out of state, which is more difficult. Fortunately, it’s easy to do your research online. Read reviews on websites like Google, Angie’s List and the BBB to see how other customers feel about their experiences with each mover, and note red flags or negative patterns.

  • Range of Services – It takes more to relocate than just a moving truck. If you’re moving, you may need packing services, white glove delivery (including furniture installation and assembly), storage options and more. Before choosing a provider, make sure it offers the services you need for a successful transition.

  • Detailed, Accurate Quotes – Many NYC moving companies advertise low prices as their key selling point, but don’t sign on immediately for the lowest price. Often, these low prices can be misleading or include hidden fees. Request detailed quotes that list exactly what you’re paying for. Look to see if moving coverage is included, which is a must-have to protect valuable belongings.

Looking for NYC Moving Companies? Choose Stevens Worldwide


If you’re looking for the best NYC moving companies, look no further than Stevens Worldwide.

After moving families all over the country for over 100 years, we’ve perfected our services and offer:

  • Interstate Relocation
  • Packing and unpacking strategies
  • Flexible storage options

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