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How a Moving and Packing Service Simplifies Relocation

Moving and packing services are an excellent resource to make your next relocation a smooth, hassle-free process. Imagine this scenario: You comb through your home, only to discover far more belongings than originally anticipated. So, you just start throwing items into boxes to get the job done. 

The problem is disorganized, haphazard packing leads to lost, damaged items. Instead of a rushed approach, you’re better off leaving the job to professionals. 

Why You Should Consider a Moving and Packing Service for Relocation 

Packing is like a puzzle. Everything from dishes to bedding must be properly secured for transport to avoid unwelcome surprises when boxes are opened. Professional moving and packing service providers work at maximum efficiency, quickly packing your belongings and loading them onto the moving truck. 

Still convinced you can handle it on your own? Consider what you get when you hire professionals:
  • Durable Boxes, Cartons, Crates and Other Packing Materials – Cheap, flimsy cardboard boxes can’t hold a lot, and are likely to break if too many items are placed inside. When you hire professionals, they’ll arrive at your home armed with standard and oversized boxes, cartons and crates. Belongings are carefully arranged by room and packed in the most efficient manner, which in turn makes unpacking that much simpler. 
  • Specialized Handling for Large Items – Every home has that antique grandfather clock or fragile glass table. And without proper handling, you risk permanently damaging these items. Experienced movers and packers know how to move bulky, oversized belongings. Using the proper equipment (dollies, straps, etc.), they’ll carefully navigate these items from your home and safely onto the moving truck.
  • Local Storage Facilities – From inclement weather to last-minute home renovations, any number of situations can cause move-in delays. Unfortunately, this can leave you scrambling to find storage. If you choose to hire professional moving and packing services, look for a partner with access to storage facilities around the country. You’ll have access to temporary, long-term and permanent units, so you can store items as long as necessary. 

Stevens Worldwide: The Moving and Packing Service You Can Rely On

For over 100 years, the team at Stevens Worldwide has moved families down the street and across the country. We offer full moving and packing services to help you complete a smooth, hassle-free transition. Have large furniture that needs to make the trip? We can handle it. Need overnight storage facilities? We’ve got you covered.  

When you’re ready to start the moving process, turn to Stevens. To learn more about our services, and check out some helpful packing tips, contact us today. 

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