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The Advantage of Hiring Full-Service Moving Companies 

What separates experienced, full-service moving companies from subpar providers? Unlike average movers who might take care of one or two tasks, full-service providers can handle all moving responsibilities, from packing to assembling furniture. 

Perks of Hiring Full-Service Moving Companies

Although moving is traditionally approached as a do-it-yourself task, the sheer number of moving-day responsibilities can get overwhelming. In between cleaning house, boxing up belongings and settling your family in a new home, you need to register vehicles, get children signed up for school and more. 

You have enough on your plate – so why not let professionals shoulder some of the load? Full-service moving companies can come to your home, and handle tasks in an efficient, speedy fashion. Here’s what you get when you turn the job over to professionals:
  • You don’t have to worry about packing or unpacking. Packing is one of the most tedious moving responsibilities. Plus, the cost of tape, boxes and packing pellets quickly adds up. When you hire professional movers, an experienced team will come ready with supplies and a careful strategy to pack your belongings. Items will be boxed up in half the time, and you can rest assured knowing your goods are safe for the duration of the journey.

  • Heavy, awkward items are taken care of. Have an oversized pool table in your den? Or a hot tub in the backyard? Moving large, unwieldy items can be dangerous if not done properly or with the right equipment. Professional movers can maneuver heavy, awkward items from your home. Belongings won’t fit on the moving truck? No problem. Moving companies can arrange for special transportation, guaranteeing that pool table or hot tub arrives in one piece. 

  • Storage facilities are available if you need them. Move in delays are unlikely, but if they do arise, you want to be prepared. Top-tier full-service moving companies should have temporary, long-term and permanent storage facilities available. That way, if inclement weather forces you to wait a day, or last-minute inspections come up, you know belongings are safe in a secure location until you’re able to resume move in. 

Choose a Leader Among Full-Service Moving Companies

At Stevens Worldwide, we believe no move is a small one. Whether it’s down the block or across the country, our team of professionals is ready to step in with full-service moving capabilities. After the initial meeting with our certified moving representatives, we carefully evaluate your specific moving-day needs, crafting a customized plan to ensure a quick, hassle free move. 

Let Stevens show you why we’re a top choice among full-service moving companies. To get started, contact us today. 

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