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3 Ways to Simplify Interstate Moving and Storage


From the onset, interstate moving and storage is a daunting task. You need to handle all the normal stresses of moving (cleaning, packing, unboxing and finding a new place) from across state lines. Add on a long-distance road trip, and relocating to another state can be overwhelming for even the most organized movers.

How to Simplify Interstate Moving and Storage


Interstate moving and storage doesn’t have to be difficult. If you prepare adequately and use the right resources, you can simplify the transition to your new state without unnecessary headaches. Follow a few steps to minimize the stress of moving (and save some money while you’re at it):

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  • Declutter Your Belongings – The more belongings you move, the more time and money you’ll spend packing and transporting. Before boxing anything, carefully consider what belongings can be donated, recycled or thrown away before the big day. Minimize obviously unnecessary items and then give your inventory a second look. Weigh the costs of moving belongings against the cost of replacing them for an easier and less expensive transition.

  • Lock Down Reliable Professional Movers – For easy interstate moves, a professional moving team is a must. Moving specialists minimize damage to belongings and reduce stress during loading and unloading. They also eliminate the need to rent and drive costly moving trucks across long distances.

    Reserve movers at least a month in advance to get the best price. Before reserving, thoroughly research providers to ensure they are reliable and equipped to handle state-to-state moves.

  • Take Advantage of Storage Options – Whether you are downsizing to a smaller home, between leases or are just getting situated, storage provides additional flexibility upon arrival. If you’ve got extra belongings you aren’t sure what to do with, a unit from your interstate moving and storage provider can take the pressure off while you settle in.

Streamline Interstate Moving and Storage With Stevens

Interstate moving and storage can be a lot to handle. At Stevens Worldwide, we understand the need for trustworthy, efficient movers to take the stress out of your transition.
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