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Deciding on a Moving Date

Knowing the factors that influence your decision about establishing a moving date is important. It’s quite possible that you’re wondering when to move. Here are a couple of factors to take into consideration before putting a date on the calendar.

Your Needs: This is most important when selecting a moving date as well as calculating your budget. Factors such as starting a job on time, your children’s’ school schedule and the seasonal weather all play a part. Generally it is up to you to decide what moving period suits your needs best and what will be most convenient.

Cost: You can save on the cost of your move simply by selecting a time of year that is less busy.  It’s always best to try to avoid the summer and month-end, these are the busiest times in the moving industry and often times when cost is driven by demand.

Mover availability: Setting a moving date is also in the hands of the moving company (at least partially). To ensure you’re able to move when it’s most convenient for you, we suggest selecting a mover and scheduling your move at least two to three weeks in advance. Any sooner and your moving date is likely to be entirely determined by your mover’s availability. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to not wait until the last minute to hire a moving company.

As you can see, planning is the key to a good and properly organized move. Setting a moving day should not be difficult now that you know which are the main factors to base your decision upon. If you’re planning a move and would like a free, in-home estimate, head on over to our estimate form!


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