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Workforce Mobility Solutions

Historically, relocation programs were associated with employee benefits as a need to fulfill operational and logistical issues. Rarely were relocation benefits associated with career progression or long-term corporate goals.

With the demands of today’s workforce, talent shortages and economic pressures, Stevens Worldwide has seen a shift in workforce mobility trends. Today’s talent management strategies are trending toward more short-term assignments designed as career development opportunities for meeting long-term organizational and employee objectives.

Our goal is to be your partner in these strategies, acting as an extension of your company to add value to relocation policies and help employees settle faster.

Relocation Packages

In working with our corporate clients, Stevens recognizes the need to meet organizational and employee objectives. No two organizations are the same, and relocation needs vary. Below are some ways we’ve worked with corporate clients to create seamless transitions for employees.

  • Employee Choice - Many of our clients give transferring employees different relocation options. Transferees may request standard policy, to have Stevens cover the move or to complete the move themselves. Our relocation service center is an excellent tool for companies and employees working through a relocation.

  • Lump Sum - Some companies prefer to allocate a specific budget (lump sum) for employee relocations. We work directly with transferees to build a relocation solution that addresses their needs, time constraints and budget.

  • Reimbursement Options - Companies often choose to reimburse employees after relocation is complete. The most common reimbursement plans are partial (only specific moving expenses covered) and full (all moving expenses covered).

  • Relocation Management Companies (RMC) - Our clients occasionally choose to outsource relocation management responsibilities to a RMC of their choice. We understand the importance of following outlined processes while simultaneously supporting your organization’s needs, and have a successful track record working with significant RMCs.

Relocation Benefits

As your full-service moving partner, Stevens Worldwide assists your employees and their families throughout corporate relocations to ensure they arrive safely, and can settle comfortably into their new home. Our relocation consultants help minimize the pressure associated with moving, allowing employees to focus on creating a seamless transition for both at home and in the office.

Benefits of partnering with Stevens for corporate relocations include:

  • Access to our relocation service center, where experienced relocation consultants are on hand to assist you with every stage of your move.

  • Full-service moving capabilities including packing, storage, long-distance shipping and specialized handling for oversized or bulk items.

  • Double the difference invoicing to protect companies from billing errors and additional charges. If you are charged too much for relocation, Stevens will credit your organization “double the difference” of the error toward your next move.

  • Top-rated drivers who are experts in hauling, customer service, claims reduction and safety, and will get belongings to their destination in a safe and reliable fashion.

Online Tracking and Reporting for Your Corporate Relocation

As part of working with Stevens Worldwide Van Lines for corporate relocation, Relocation Managers can grant access to our internal web portal, SVLOnline, for shipment tracking and client reporting.
We’ll give you an account number and password to access the site free of charge. Once inside the portal you can:

  • Enter service requirements for new relocations
  • Access transferee moving information
  • Check the status of in-progress relocations
  • Request invoicing information
  • Access shipping information for items in transit
  • Submit customer satisfaction reports, including feedback and ratings for Stevens

Workforce Mobility With Stevens Worldwide

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines is your partner for reliable workforce mobility solutions. Our team of relocation experts understand how to navigate the complexities and nuances of corporate relocations, simplifying processes for you and your employees.

Make moving a positive experience for your workforce. Get in touch with a Stevens Worldwide relocation consultant today.


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