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Steps To Moving

Mover carrying moving boxes

The secret to a successful move is accurate and timely communication - something Stevens’ Clergy Move Center™ team excels at!

Your Move Counselor will oversee every aspect of your relocation, connecting each element, and then will carefully communicate the details of your move to everyone involved.

Word of mouth referrals and repeat business are two of the primary reasons for our success. We know the importance of communication and we work with you to simplify the process because we understand the move itself is only one part of the relocation.

The easy steps of having a move coordinated through the Clergy Move Center™ include:

  1. Contact the Clergy Move Center™ team by calling our direct line: (800) 248-8313, complete the free quote form on this page or send an email to
  2. A Clergy Move Center™ counselor will be assigned as your primary counselor, however, other team members will assist in the absence of your primary Counselor.
  3. Stevens will schedule a pre-move survey with a local Stevens agent or trusted van line affiliate. In situations where an in-house quote is not possible, our Counselors are trained to conduct an accurate telephone survey.
  4. Your Counselor will carefully analyze the survey and other information and discuss this with you so that our written quote accurately reflects the moving services you need.
  5. You will schedule your move dates with your Counselor, who will communicate the details of your relocation to everyone involved in your move. If at any time you have changes, concerns or questions, share them with your Move Counselor so that necessary steps can be taken.
  6. Your Move Counselor serves as your advocate throughout each phase of your relocation: pre-move, packing, loading, delivery and post-move.

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