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Moving Out of a Newly Sold Home

Congratulations, you’ve sold your home to a great new family who can’t wait to move in. Soon, you will be in your new home as well; all that’s left to do is move all of your stuff. The moving process often takes time, but if your home is already sold, you may need to move quickly. After all, you want this new family to start enjoying this home as much as you did, as soon as possible. Here are a few key things you need to remember when moving out of a home that’s just been sold.


The easiest way to be ready to move out is to be prepared before the final closing of the house. Once the paperwork is signed, the new buyers will technically own the house, and being prepared for this eventuality will make the process easier for everybody. Most buyers will be reasonable in allowing you time to move out, especially if you have a busy work schedule or if the movers can’t get there until a certain date. Just be sure to discuss your plans with the new buyers before closing, to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Make Sure You Have Everything

With all of the excitement surrounding the sale of your home and your impending move to a new one, it can be easy to overlook or forget items in the home you’re selling. Be sure to double-check places like the attic, garage and basement, as these are places where people commonly overlook items and leave them behind. Also, you may want consider leaving some things behind for the new owners if you think they might be particularly useful to them. For example, you may have some kid's play equipment that your children have outgrown but would be perfect for the new owner’s young kids. Just make sure that you discuss it with them first.

Decide What to Leave

Along with any extra items that you have discussed, there should be a itemized list in the closing documents stating what items come with the house. Generally, anything that is bolted to the ceiling or wall, like fans and blinds, is included with the house. You may also want to discuss the transferring of certain services, such as alarm monitoring, with the new buyers.

Clean The Home

This part should be particularly easy once all of your things have been moved out. Sweep, vacuum, wipe down counter tops and drawers and give the kitchen and bathrooms a good once-over. These things, along with an empty house, will give the home a nice squeaky-clean feeling that the new owners likely looking for.

Make sure your mail and utility services are forwarded to your new address, you may even want to take a look at our list of eight tasks not to forget when moving out. Once you've done that, it's finally time to leave the keys on the counter. You’re now ready to give yourself and the family moving in, a fresh start.


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