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9 Ways to Cut Moving Costs

For many people, when they think of moving, one of the first things that comes to mind is the cost. Hiring movers, renting trucks, buying packing supplies, all of these things can add up. However, moving doesn't have to be a very costly experience. We've compiled a list of simple tips that you can use to move on a budget.

  1. Carefully consider your options – Timing is very important. Summertime is usually the busiest and most expensive time to move. As it gets colder and business slows, moving and truck rental companies often offer more deals on their services. Also, try to move at the end of your current residence's billing cycle. If you pay rent on the first of the month right now, plan your move closer to the 30th. This way you avoid payment overlap.
  2. But don't give up – Often, people can't wait when it comes to their move. In this case, try to take some time to prepare yourself as best as possible for your relocation. If you're not already moving for work, try to set up interviews before you move to decrease the amount of time you spend between jobs. It can be harder to find work in bigger cities, so you might want to set aside a day or two and visit your new home, specifically to conduct interviews.
  3. The dollar store is your friend – The dollar store isn't for everything, but for items such as cleaning supplies, it's perfect. Many of the chemical compounds in cleaners – especially all purpose ones – are very similar, so there's little-to-no difference between many name brands and the dollar store version.
  4. Become a clipper – If you don't already, remember to clip (or print out) coupons before you move. Often, coupon sites will let you input a zip code to search for coupons in a certain area. This way, your initial grocery shopping trip in a new city doesn't have to break the bank.
  5. Get help wherever you can – Don't hesitate to turn to parents, friends and/or colleagues for help. Perhaps you know someone who has recently moved and has left over boxes or packing tape. Do you have any relatives that can help you pack? It's vital to use the resources available to you and that includes the people who know and care about you.
  6. Research professional moving companies – Many people automatically associate professional movers with high costs, but professionals are almost always more efficient than friends. Moving pros are fast, they have the right tools and are less likely to accidentally break something. You could still ask your friends for help, but consider only asking them to help with certain tasks, like packing.
  7. Pack and prepare – The best way to get the most value out of your move, especially when using a moving company, is to be prepared. The less time the movers spend on your job, the less it will cost. Even if you decide on a DIY move, having everything prepared before moving day will decrease your stress and increase the time you have for other projects.
  8. Cut the cord – How many TV channels do you actually watch? Most people routinely watch  less than 20 channels, meaning you may not need the more than 1,000 channels offered by many providers today. Services like Netflix and Hulu are much less expensive than traditional cable and offer access to almost all of the same shows.
  9.  Stay calm – Don't let moving costs deter you from the task at hand. Following these tips is one way to have a successful move, but above all, it's important that you keep a level head.

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