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8 Moving Tasks You Don't Want to Forget About

An essential part of having a successful move is knowing what to expect and being prepared on moving day. For your convenience, we have compiled the following helpful tips to help you with some of the smaller tasks that will make moving day go much more smoothly. Here is our list of tasks not to forget on moving day.


Whether it's the new neighbors or the ones you'll soon say goodbye to, remember to be considerate. Give all of your neighbors the heads up about moving day. If you live in an apartment complex, let them know that you may need to use extra parking spaces or that there will be a little extra noise that day.

Stake Out Parking Spaces

Again, this applies more to those moving from an apartment complex. Avoid getting a ticket if you can, but be sure to have quick access to the front doors. That way you won’t have to carry everything as far to get to the truck or your car.


This is something we mention in a lot of our blog posts, and for good reason. It’s one of the logistical tasks you simply must take care of to ensure a smooth relocation. So, remember that utility bills move with you. Be sure to keep them under control. Shut off all utilities and turn off all of the lights in your old place before you lock up.

Where Are the Keys?

The last thing you want is to get to the front door of your new place and realize you can't get in. Make sure you have your new set of keys on you at all times during moving day. Also, be sure to leave all old keys behind with your realtor or leasing office, including the garage key, garage door opener and mailbox keys, if applicable.

Double Check, Then Check Again

Look through all rooms, storage spaces and closets in your old home to ensure that nothing is left behind. Do this once everything has been packed up and most of the furniture has been moved, as it'll be easier to spot anything you are missing.

Send The Kids To Grandma/Grandpa

Your kids, if you have any, will want to do all they can to help out on moving day. The problem is, there isn't much they can do and they could get in the way or get hurt. Make moving day easier on the whole family and send the kids to a friend’s house or to spend the day with their grandparents. When it's time to pick them up, they can get straight to setting up their new rooms.

All You Can Eat

It's easier to move when you don't have to worry about perishable food items or drinks in glass bottles. This one can be kind of fun, we recommend having a left-over buffet night or two before you move.

Check The Yard

If you live in an apartment, then this obviously doesn't apply. For all others, don't forget to check the backyard for toys, hoses or pet items that often get forgotten.

These are just a few pieces of advice to aid you in having a stress-free move. You can use this checklist whether you're moving locally, out of state or internationally. For more moving advice, check out our moving tips.

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