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7 Tips for Moving with Kids

All of us who are parents know the kind of joy that children can bring into a person’s life. Our children light up our day with their vibrant smiles and undying curiosity. We also know that undertaking a long-distance move, or even a local move, with kids can be challenging. They usually just want to help, but often end up being adorable distractions. Since it’s up to us as the parents to make sure everything is done right during the move, we’ve come up with a few tips on how to manage a move with your kids.

1. Pack and organize at night.

This is especially true when it comes to younger kids and their toys. If you try to pack during the day, your toddler will take great pleasure in unpacking everything right behind you. Our best advice is to pack everything, little-by-little, while the young ones are asleep, especially when it comes to toys. The idea is for the kids to not notice everything being packed away so that they can gradually acclimate to what it means to be moving. If you have items that you’re going to donate, make sure to pack them in the car at night as well. Again, we can’t emphasize how important this is with toys. You and I know that they haven’t played with that action figure in over a year, but if they see you giving it away there will be crocodile tears.

2. Ask for help with the kids.

You’ll often have friends and family ask if you need any help with your move. Say yes, you need them to babysit. Every other part of the move will seem so much easier when the kids are off having a fun playdate. Plus, you’ll have more room to spread out and work if you don’t have to worry about keeping your half-packed home childproof.

3. Utilize the tools available to you.

As you know, when you have kids timing is everything. Young children need as much attention as we can give them so shaving off a second here and a minute there from any task can be a life saver. Nowadays, there is an app or online tool to simplify almost any task you can think of and moving is no exception.

4. Start several weeks earlier than you think is reasonable.

Remember how you used to wake up and get out of the house in half the time it takes you now? Well, moving is going to take longer too. The best way to stay stress-free is to give yourself way more time than you think you’ll need in order to avoid ever feeling overwhelmed.

5. Sell items online.

Use sites like Craigslist and eBay to help you get some extra cash for unwanted items. You can do all of the “legwork” of finding the right buyer from the living room. Decluttering will be a lot easier when you can arrange to sell things around your daily schedule, rather than devoting a whole day to a garage sale.

6. Surprises.

This can be a nice, fun way to keep the kids happy. Buy a few new toys for when they move into their new room or make a special stop at a favorite family restaurant on move day. Remember, what’s a manageable task for you can be hard on the kids. Make saying goodbye to the old house easier with a few moving day treats.

7. Say goodbye to your old home.

We mean this literally, let your kids wave “bye-bye” to the old house before you leave for the last time. It may seem silly, but this can be a useful coping mechanism and can help give them closure. Sometimes, it’s even helpful to let them go back inside for one final walkthrough, just make sure you've packed everything. Once they see the home without all of their stuff, it will begin to feel less like home and make saying goodbye easier.

We hope you found these moving tips helpful! For more moving help, see our tips on how to pack, and begin looking for a professional mover with our Find An Agent Tool. For a free, in-home estimate, complete our simple online form today.


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