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4 Apps for a Stress-Free Move

In the information age of today, it seems like there's an app for just about anything. Our smartphones are amazing pieces of technology that can connect us to tools and people all over the world. You can use these tools to make your life easier in so many ways: there are apps to help with cooking; apps for driving navigation and traffic alerts; apps to help organize and manage all the apps on your phone; we could easily make this entire article a long list of the useful apps there are for everyday life.

However, we're here to focus on helping our readers have stress-free moving experiences. In that spirit, here's a list of four great mobile apps that we found to help you out on moving day. Not every app on our list is available on both iPhone and Android devices. But don't worry, they all have desktop applications or websites affiliated with them, so they can be accessed on any PC, Mac, tablet or laptop.

Walkscore (Android, iPhone)

Walk Score App Logo

First things first, finding a new place. If you know what city or neighborhood you'd like to live in but haven't found a new home or apartment, then this app should be very helpful. You can search a specific city, neighborhood or address and it will show you housing prices and available rentals in the area.

Even if you already know where you'll be living, the app displays bars, restaurants, shopping and other attractions nearby. It even lists what attractions are within walking, biking and close driving distance, as well as the types of public transportation available to you. This app is excellent for getting to know the neighborhood.

Redbeacon (Android, iPhone)

Redbeacon App Logo

When you finally get settled in to your new home, the last thing you'll want to do is immediately start home repairs and yard work. Well, with Redbeacon, you don't have to. All you have to do is enter your zip code and your service request or question, and this app will do the rest. Within 24 hours you will receive guided assistance, pricing quotes if possible and product recommendations from handpicked pros. From there, you can choose to either hire a professional or use their advice to complete the job yourself.

If you want, you can even provide pictures of the work needed so that the pros you choose know exactly what to expect. Redbeacon doesn't have every service available yet, finding a professional mover is notably absent from its offering. But that's because these guys take the time to vet each and every expert they refer. This app is a life saver when you're unfamiliar with a new area and need professional services.

Boxmeup (Android only)

Boxmeup App Logo

The Boxmeup app can save you a lot of time with packing and unpacking during your move. This app allows you to create a “container” and list the items placed in it. Then, you simply print out the QR code label for that container, place it on the corresponding moving box and scan it later to see what contents are in the box without having to open it. Now, when you get to your new home, you can effortlessly place boxes in the right rooms and only have to open them when you're ready to unpack. Remember, if you don't have an Android phone, you can just use the website.

Olioboard (Website only)


This is definitely one of the coolest apps we've seen in a long time. Olioboard lets you design the layout of any room in your home with real furniture before you buy anything. The site allows you to generate full 2D or 3D designs using furniture from IKEA, CB2, West Elm and more.

You can then purchase those items through a direct link to the retailer's site, if you so choose. You can save designs; share them via Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest; see other people's designs and import ideas from them; and comment on people's designs to get help or offer friendly advice. This app is excellent, even for those who don't have a flare for decorating because it's so easy to use and gives an immediate visual of what you're thinking.

With all of this technology at our fingertips, it only makes sense to utilize it in a useful way. A stress-free move is just a few taps away with any of these amazing moving day apps. If you need help finding a local mover, we have an app for that too, and it's always available via our website.

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