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Three Reasons You Need Long Distance Shipping the Next Time You Move


 If you’re moving across state lines – or across the country – it’s worth considering long distance shipping. As opposed to traditional methods of packing and transport, shipping items to your new home is quick, reliable way to get belongings to their destination in a timely manner.

3 Reasons to Use Long Distance Shipping for Your Next Move

long distance shipping truck

Moving is a big task, but long distance moves are another beast entirely. Packing, loading and driving a moving truck with belongings is tiresome and expensive.

But, there is an easier way to move your household across state lines, without causing headaches: long distance shipping.

Using a carrier to ship your items to your new home is simple, hassle-free and has several moving day advantages:

  1. It’s cost-effective. With traditional pack and transport moving services, you pay per mile, which can quickly get expensive. If you decide to ship items, most service providers work with you to determine a flat rate based on the weight and bulk of your items. Since shipping providers quote different price points, look for the company with the best rate based on your load and moving timeline.
  2. Shipping saves time. Need belongings to get to your new home fast? Long distance shipping can usually save time upfront, especially if you ship items before moving day. Pack, disassemble and ship things like furniture, appliances and heavy boxes a few days ahead of time to ensure they’ll be there when you arrive to your destination. That way, you’re not left waiting on any items.
  3. You’ll save space. Long distance shipping is a great way to save space in your moving truck. If you elect to ship bulky items like large furniture and appliances, you have more space for boxes, smaller furniture and other easily transported items. Since shipping these items ahead of time requires less space. you can use a smaller moving van and save a few extra dollars.

Stevens Worldwide: Your Go-To Provider for Long Distance Shipping

At Stevens Worldwide, we’ve got your long distance moving needs covered. We have a nationwide network of moving agents ready to assist you through a convenient, hassle-free move. Want to ship your items instead? If your belongings meet our minimum 3,000-pound requirement, our team of moving providers will safely pack and transport items to your new home during the desired timeframe.

Your search for a reliable long distance shipping provider is over. To get started with Stevens Worldwide, contact us today.


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