Who to contact before a PCS move

Moving out of state or abroad is a regular part of military life. Permanent Change of Station (PCS) can arrive at almost any time, so active-duty personnel and their families must be ready to quickly relocate to a new base or its surrounding areas.

Fortunately, servicemembers and their loved ones don’t have to go through the relocation process on their own. The military offers plenty of services to help soldiers move from one location to another in accordance with their new PCS orders. Additionally, there are other valuable contacts that service personnel can call during their moves.

Transportation offices
Your first call following the arrival of your orders should be to your base’s transportation office. The office will help you make arrangements for the big day and explain all of the different services you can use during your move. Militaryspot notes that your current base’s transportation office will also determine your eligibility for moving yourself or if you must use military moving services.

Real estate agents
While your housing office can help you find local properties, you should also seek help from real estate agents. Some agencies understand the challenges military families face and know what amenities these buyers usually look for in a property. A local real estate agent can be a valuable ally during your move. If you work with a trained professional who can move quickly through the buying or renting process, you can avoid staying in temporary housing after you’ve relocated.

Financial services
Relocation is always an expensive process. Your base’s finance office can explain if you’re eligible for any allowances that can cover most of the basic expenses associated with moving. You should also check your personal accounts to ensure that you won’t be in the red because you were fiscally unprepared to cover the costs of moving to a new base.

Your movers – whether you hired them independently or are using the military services – will likely be your best friends during the relocation process. You can schedule your own moving date so you don’t have to rush to meet certain deadlines. Additionally, some companies will help you pack your belongings so you don’t have to worry about your possessions being damaged in transit. Other movers offer moving and packing tips┬áso you can prepare yourself for the big trip, and ensure that you’ve brought every necessity.