What to remember before corporate relocation companies arrive

Relocating an office can be difficult, from ensuring worker productivity during the move to making sure everything is organized while packing and unloading. Here are several crucial tips to consider when relocating a corporate office.

Plan and communicate
Give yourself adequate time to contact a moving company, organize technology and networks and draw up a detailed list of responsibilities before packing begins. Be transparent with the workers throughout every step of the process, especially if your company is moving out of state. If everyone is in the loop, team members can function seamlessly.

Technology upgrade opportunities
Consider whether your relocation may be an ideal time to upgrade computer systems, software and networks. A new corporate location should be an opportunity for workers to increase efficiency and productivity. Mark any old,unwanted electronic equipment with Do Not Move signs to alert corporate relocation services agents.

Electrical machine issues
Unwieldy machines can pose a particular challenge. Make sure computers are properly
disconnected and hardware cables are packed together and labeled. All fluids should be drained from photocopy machines before they are unplugged. Empty vending machines and water coolers, and don’t forget to defrost the refrigerator.

Know your new floor plan
Drawing a map of the new office’s layout before packing provides a clear picture of how items should be organized by the moving company. Providing access to this information ahead of time will also allow for a smoother transition as workers arrive at new facilities. Use notes to clearly mark locations of furniture and equipment in the new office.

How to unpack
It’s best to minimize the number of people responsible for unpacking in order to avoid confusion. Select individual workers to be responsible for particular sections of the office to orderly and efficiently facilitate the movers’ efforts. Make sure that each section has a clear and navigable path for unloading.

These tips combined with the expertise of professional movers will allow for a calm, chaos-free corporate move. This relocation is more than just a change of address, and presents opportunity for growth for the entire staff. With a little extra effort, planning ahead will pay dividends for your company and its employees.