Weighing the pros and cons of moving for a job

Getting a job offer is great but potentially complicated news. For example, if the new job is across the country and not across town, there are a few aspects to consider. So before calling the long distance moving service, keep these things in mind.

Watching the clock

Timing is very sensitive when it comes to relocating for a job. If you’re renting under a lease, you’ll need to find someone to sublet your place – unless you want to pay two rents. If you own your house, selling from long-distance can be a hassle. Consider if you can accomplish it from so far away.

What about on the other end? Will you be able to find a place to live? A couple months are typically necessary to make sure you can find permanent lodging in your new location and avoid spending a long (and expensive) time in a hotel.

Is it really necessary?

Sometimes there is no need to be moving out of state. Telecommuting is on the rise, according to a survey by CareerBuilder, and increasingly allows workers to be more productive. It’s wise to look into this sort of practice as early as possible.

The job itself

It’s also worth considering what the job will be like once you get there. Is it a good fit? What are the long-term prospects? Before hiring the van lines, you’ll probably want to sit down and envision what it will be like when you get there and start working.

If you can, contact some of the current employees and ask them for their thoughts. If not, having an open discussion with your prospective boss might help clarify some questions you have.

Location, location, location

If you’re going to be moving to a new place, you’ll want to have a clear sense of what it’s like. If you didn’t visit it for an interview, make a point to get there before you start seriously considering the move. Do you have friends or family who live there? People you know and trust are valuable resources for advice about a new place.

Make a plan

After you decide you are going to relocate, make a plan. Your happiness in a new location can be greatly affected by the preparation you’ve undertaken. Learning about the city ahead of time and knowing how your new job will start will help you make the most of the situation. Moreover, hiring a household moving company can help you spend your time figuring out the transition rather than worrying about getting all your stuff there on time.