Ways to cut costs while moving

With gas prices soaring, many people are looking for ways to cut back on spending in other areas. In fact, 59 percent of Americans have notably reduced on nonessential spending since January, according to new research by Bankrate. If any long distance moving is in your future, you’re likely concerned about this. If you are simply driving to your new home – let alone incurring all of the other associated expenses of moving – how are you supposed to save money? Luckily, there are a few packing and moving tips that can help you cut expenses where you can.

Toss old, forgotten items

While packing for a move you might find a long-lost gem that you can’t wait to start using again. More likely, though, you will find a mass of stuff you forgot you had, didn’t miss and plan never to use again. Instead of packing these things alongside the rest of your belongings with the household moving company, get rid of it. Use this as an opportunity to purge all that junk you’ve accumulated.

Sell big, heavy items

Odds are, wherever you’re moving, they sell beds and desks there. Unless you’re especially attached to a big piece of furniture, sell it and buy a replacement in your new location. The internet makes this easy and efficient. Set a price and have people come lug your unwieldy furniture away for you. Just as you will be doing in your new home, there is probably someone moving to your old town looking to buy big furnishings.

Be thrifty on the the road

Although it is tempting to simply stop when you get tired, a little research on the road – or before you leave – can save you money. Plan your trip ahead of time and find the exits that have the motels or hotels with the best prices. Make sure to use any discounts – such as those from your auto club – to keep your expenses low.

Find the best van lines

Not all moving companies are the same. Find the one that will save you money in the long run by packing neatly and efficiently. It is best to hire a reliable company with a proven track record of putting your needs first, so you don’t end up buying things for your new home that you didn’t plan for – or spending another night in a hotel because your belongings didn’t make it in time.