Utilizing real estate technology can make a move a smoother journey

Over the past few decades, personal computers and the internet have wormed their way into almost every type of business. Clothing retailers now sell much of their products online, restaurants accept reservations sent by smartphone and many musical acts get their start on YouTube. Although it may have taken a little longer to do so, technology has now made its presence felt in another incredibly important sector – real estate.

Whether they are moving out of state or down the road, many homebuyers rely on apps, tablets and social media sites to help them find their dream house. Proper research gives them more choices and convenience, and can even save them money, which can be put toward a down payment or used to defray moving costs like hiring state to state movers.

Knowing that consumers crave ease and transparency, many real estate agents have eagerly embraced real estate technology. For example, Lawrence Lipman, who works for The Lipman Group Sotheby’s International Realty, has incorporated iPad apps and cloud-based technology into his business plan.

“We are as wired as we know how to be and want to stay on the cutting edge,” he told the Tennessean.

One reason that consumers and real estate professionals have embraced technology so wholeheartedly may be the increasing frequency of Americans choosing to move these days. As the economy improves, many experts predict that more citizens will move to find a new job or capitalize on a strengthening housing market. As they do, technology specifically geared to help them in this process may be increasingly welcomed. Moving can be a complicated process – with packing, hiring van lines and settling into a new house – so any effort to streamline the process is likely to be appreciated.

One thing that recent technology offers in this respect is a more detailed understanding of a house’s surroundings. Many people are looking for homes far away from their current location, which can make it tough to get a good feel for a given community. However, with iPad apps and social networking sites that provide information about nearby schools, government buildings and grocery stores, it can be a lot easier to envision what life in the area will be like.