Use technology to make any long distance moving proceed smoothly

When you’re moving to the next state over or from one coast to another, packing and organization can be a real challenge. It’s not easy to uproot your entire life, so you’re going to want to have a plan for putting things away, hiring a moving and relocation company and organizing your possessions in your new home.

Fortunately, technology can be your best friend for these kinds of projects. With a basic understanding of email, smartphones and other mobile devices, you’ll be able to coordinate a move with your friends or family so well that long distance moving won’t seem bad at all.

1. Schedule reminders
When you’ve created a schedule, you can keep yourself from forgetting with email reminders. You might not adhere perfectly to the steps you laid out ahead of time, but at least you’ll have some idea of how much time you have to accomplish certain tasks.

Use a platform such as Gmail that comes equipped with a calender function and create events for yourself. These reminders can be anything from suggestions that the living room be boxed up on a certain date or could include the date by which you need to have found the right relocation movers. These events will send emails directly to your inbox so you have no excuse for not remembering them.

2. Share with others
Another excellent feature of reminders like this is they can shared with more than one person. You will likely want to have your whole family or all of your roommates in on the reminders, but you could also include people who are going to help you pack or acquaintances who might be taking some furniture off your hands. Sharing these reminders also helps to make sure others know your moving schedule and can plan accordingly.

3. Use mobile devices
Instead of just relying on desktop computers, use smartphones, iPads and other mobile devices to send and receive reminder notices. This increases the chances that you’ll see these benchmarks at the right moment and helps people to be as on top of the entire process as you are. You’ll also be able to coordinate projects, such as painting or cleaning, with companies you hire or friends who have volunteered to help.