Transcontinental moves made simple with Stevens

If you’ve been given the opportunity to relocate to another part of the United States, you may want to gain a better understanding of the resources available to make your transition easy. Leaving a community you have grown accustomed to can be difficult, and if it is where you spent most of your life, a certain amount of emotion will be involved throughout the process. In many ways, you may want the help of professional relocation movers to make sure you cover all of the necessary bases.

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines is a leading moving and storage company that has spent over a hundred years helping people with their relocations. The moving company specializes in transcontinental moves, so if you’re heading East to West or North to South, they may help your transition immensely.

If your employer has offered you a lump sum or moving allowance, you may want to figure out which moving company your company has worked with. When your employer works with Stevens, you’ll receive a relocation package that is in budget and provides you with quality assistance throughout the process. In addition, Stevens may be able to provide you with a comprehensive plan to help you pack up your possessions, offer you best move management practices, household goods transportation and refer you to pet moving services.

In addition, you can benefit from Stevens Concierge, a one-stop, comparison-shopping resource that can help you subscribe to a wide array of home services quickly. You simply submit your new address and the service will provide you with estimates for TV, internet, satellite, phone, home security and home warranty programs. The search engine compares packages and prices and selects a package that suits your needs.

When you have Stevens on your side, you’re able to easily relieve some of your stress. After all, you likely have a lot of planning to do and people to speak with before you move, so working with a company that can handle your packing and relocation responsibilities gives you the freedom to remain active every day. Whether you’re moving to pursue professional goals, live closer to family members or simply want a change, you need to be prepared for the process that lies ahead of you. In order to have a plan of action that helps make the transition simple and effective, contact Stevens for an estimate today.