Tips for relocating your office

Relocating to a new office – whether it means moving out of state or to the next floor – can be a stressful process. Maintaining productivity and sanity in the face of disorganization and upheaval is no fun for anyone. However, with a few moving and packing tips and the careful avoidance of some common pitfalls, switching offices doesn’t have to mean chaos.

Craft a strategy
Even before you get out the first box you should be making a plan. What are the things you will need every day during the process, and what are the things you can make do without as you move? Prioritize your supplies to help yourself make a timetable and avoid the need to root through previously packed boxes to find that one item you didn’t mean to pack.

Open communication channels
The move will not be affecting you alone – and its success will likewise depend on everybody. Make sure you’re clear about what will help you, and offer to help others. By communicating openly with the rest of the team you will decrease the likelihood of a massive mix-up.

Use technology
When moved to a new office in Dallas, the company utilized its office intranet to collaborate on designs and layouts as the process unfolded, according to Real Points Magazine. This allowed them to manipulate environments virtually in order to save time once the real moving got underway.

Excuse for cleaning
Going through all of your office’s materials is a good opportunity to get rid of things you no longer need or use. Old files or outdated equipment need not go through the move just to clog your new office. Use the move as a way to get your new office off on a tidier foot.

Likewise, this could be an opportunity to upgrade some of your equipment. Rather than have the relocation movers take your old computer to the new office, see if your employer might want to give you a new model. Similarly, a new office might call for updated furniture. Ask explicitly what the design plans are for the new office and what you should expect in terms of furniture when you get there.

Whatever steps you take, hiring relocation and moving services to make sure everything gets to the new location safely will likely prevent a great deal of stress.