Tips for packing decorations

The holidays are over and that means that decorations can be packed up with the rest of your possessions before your big move. As with all of your belongings, you should be careful with your seasonal items and give them their own boxes. The entire packing process isn’t as simple as putting all of your ornaments into one box, however, so here are some moving and packing tips for your holidays decorations.

Take your decorations down
It may seem easy to combine taking down decorations and packing, but you can miss a few small steps along the way by merging the two. Remove your seasonal ornaments and then sort them into different categories before you start boxing items up.

Pare down
Relocation is the optimal time to pare down the amount of decorations you own. Acquiring dozens of ornaments and strands of garland is easy over time, but do you really need to give all of them to your nationwide movers to pack up?

Your primary focus during your move should be on the essentials like clothes, and not on your holiday decorations. Only pack your favorite ornaments like ones that have sentimental value or have been passed down for generations. Paring down will help reduce the amount of clutter in your new home once the most wonderful time of the year rolls around next December.

Combine like items
Staying organized is the key to any move, so all of your possessions should be packed with similar items. This strategy has an added benefit when used on holiday decorations by providing an easier time in stringing the lights next year.

You likely won’t unpack your ornaments and garlands once you arrive in your new home. In fact, you’ll probably keep them all packed away to reduce the amount of boxes you must unload and sort through once you arrive at your new abode. By keeping all your similar decorations together, you’ll quickly be able to find the lights, ornaments and other festive items so you don’t have to rifle through multiple boxes.

Every box you pack should be labeled and that can be especially important for your decorations. If you leave the packages unopened for the next 11 months, you’ll forget which container holds your handmade ornaments and which one houses your lawn decorations. Label every box with a small list of items that it contains.

The holidays can be a stressful time, especially if you’re moving so quickly after the celebrations end. Call Stevens Worldwide Van Lines to help make the relocation process as hassle-free, so you can quickly settle into your new home.