Tips for moving to a smaller home

Often, moves are undertaken to make room for a growing family. A bigger house can give a family more bedrooms and bathrooms as well as a more spacious yard for their increasing brood. Whether it’s moving out of state to a less densely packed region, or just down the street to a larger home, these situations often entail finding more furniture and decorations.

However, the opposite situation can be just as vexing. Whether it’s due to constrained finances or first-time empty nesters, moving to a smaller home poses its own set of problems.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the need to downsize, here are a few tips to help you get through this potentially stressful time.

Identify the essentials
The first thing to do is separate the most important belongings from the rest. There are things – photo albums, valuables and personal effects – that will make it with you no matter what. Set these items aside and start focusing on the possessions that are a little less clear-cut.

Create a staging area
To help keep things organized, it is helpful to have a designated area for selecting what will go and what will stay. You may need to clear the possessions from one room first to give you the space you need. A basement is a good choice to keep things out of your way, although any room can work.

Consider a storage facility
If, once you’ve started, it looks like even a staging area isn’t enough, look into getting a storage locker. If you are going to be using van lines, it is a good idea to speak with them to learn about their options for long distance moving and storage – they might have a recommendation or even a way to store some items for you.

Either way, storing items during the packing process can help you stay organized and keep everything clear to allow you to maintain order.

Be critical
This may be the perfect opportunity to truly evaluate some of your possessions. If you haven’t used something in years or you’ve been putting off a necessary repair, now might be the right time to ditch it. Instead of lugging it around, just to let it languish in your new, smaller home.

However, you don’t necessarily have to just throw it in the dumpster. If you find a good amount of things you are planning on getting rid of, this could be a good time to hold a yard sale.