Tips for moving into a brand new home

Home starts are up across the country, and this summer appears one to be the busiest seasons in the industry in almost half a decade. Across Texas – especially in Austin – and Florida, contractors are finding their schedules full, and new homes are popping up every day.

For many people who have weathered the housing bust, waiting for the right opportunity for moving out of state or down the street to a new house, this is the news they have been waiting for.

However, moving into a brand new home has some unique challenges. Before having the moving van lines pack up all your belongings, here are a few things to know about moving into a just-built house.

Second inspection
Just before the move-in date, it is a good idea to have inspector give a supplementary, detailed walk-through of the house. Things could have changed during the last few weeks of the construction process, and it is worth getting a clean bill of health for the house before you start moving in your possessions.

Taking this precaution to make sure everything is structurally sound and up to code can help you achieve calmness during the stressful weeks to follow.

Clean the carpets
Although it might seem strange to clean the carpets of a previously unoccupied house, it is actually more important than if you had purchased the home from a prior owner. As contractors and masons put the final touches on the home’s interior, they likely tracked in a lot of mud and dirt. Give the carpets a solid cleaning to ensure this doesn’t get ground into the carpet by the heavy furniture about to be unloaded by the household moving company.

Utilities and emergency services
Because the house is brand new, it is unlikely that its address will be in the systems of all the necessary agencies. Think of all the groups you would want to have your address on file and give it to them. Utility companies, hospitals and fire stations are especially crucial.

Extra precautions
Moving into a new house is a chance to make sure everything gets off on the right foot. This means taking the time to check that smoke detectors have batteries installed, that fire extinguishers are unwrapped and ready for use and that all doors and windows are properly installed and secured. In fact, many new-home tenants change the locks upon arrival to make sure no keys have found their ways to unsavory hands.

Lastly, hiring a long distance moving and storage company to help you manage your belongings as you handle the previously mentioned tasks is a sound decision.