Tips for moving from a house to an apartment

To cope with the uncertain economic climate, Americans have been finding ways to reduce living expenses and protect their long-term finances. One popular strategy has been foregoing home ownership and renting apartments.

“We are more of a renter nation than we have been for a while,” Christopher J. Mayer, a real estate professor from Columbia University, told The New York Times.

There are many advantages beyond financial considerations to renting an apartment. That said, transitioning to a small residence from a spacious home can be a challenge. Read on for some useful moving and packing tips to help your relocation run as smoothly as possible.

Pick the opportune moment
The San Francisco Chronicle recommends picking a quiet day for your move. Find a day when many of your new neighbors won’t be coming and going so your movers aren’t blocking anyone’s path while they’re unloading your furniture and belongings.

Additionally, you should move during off-peak hours of the day to avoid unnecessary stressors and streamline the relocation process. For instance, try moving during the early afternoon to avoid rush-hour traffic. Your move-in will be relatively easy if the streets aren’t crowded and you can quickly unload all of your possessions from the truck.

Map your apartment
A common problem faced by new renters is an overabundance of possessions. While there is ample room for dozens of belongings in a house, most apartments don’t offer the same amount of space. As a result, it’s difficult for residents to unpack because there isn’t a proper place for every item.

A proactive approach is the best solution to potential spacing issues. Map out your apartment and measure every room before you start packing your belongings. Ensure that all of your furniture will fit through doorways and won’t eat up too much of your space. Develop a storage system so that all of your belongings are organized in your new place. If you think that you won’t have sufficient space for all of your worldly possessions, discard some unnecessary items.

Plan ahead
Renters should plan as much of their move as possible. Packing an entire house, hiring state to state movers and other responsibilities are tough to manage without a schedule in place. Homeowners should write down important dates and ensure that the meet every deadline before the big day.

The best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry, however, so remember to be prepared for unexpected issues. Include time in your schedule to deal with unforeseen problems so that your plans aren’t ruined.