Tips for moving artwork and photos

If you’re a lover of art and photography, chances are you have quite a few pieces in your home that you consider to be valuable. When it comes time for a relocation, moving these items might seem a little stressful, but with the proper strategies and equipment, you can ensure that your valued pieces make it to your new residence in one piece.

1. Wrap it up
The size and shape of your picture will dictate how you will wrap this display. You’ll want to make sure that the picture can avoid damage during the trip, and bubble wrap and glassine are helpful for those who are moving framed artwork and photographs.

Make a list of moving supplies that can help you safely transport pictures. Labels are also important, as friends or family members who are helping you move can instantly see that a certain picture is fragile if it is labeled as such. A professional moving company like Stevens Worldwide Van Lines can help those who need to transport delicate belongings. This team of expert relocation movers is capable of packing pictures of all sizes and takes the steps necessary to ensure they safely reach a new destination.

2. Know the location
Many people place photographs of treasured memories on a fireplace mantle or hang them up on the walls of their homes. Put these images in a safe location while you’re packing, where they cannot be damaged.

Categorizing pictures can also be helpful. For example, place all of the photos from a birthday party in a folder and label it, which can make it easier to find and unpack these photos when you arrive.

3. Include pictures in the final move
A relocation could require several trips, and including your pictures in the final stage of the move can reduce the risk that they’ll be damaged. Since artwork and photographs are typically lightweight, you might be able to place them on top of moving boxes and other supplies to further prevent damage.

Be sure that pictures are securely placed in your car or a moving truck. You’ll want to do everything possible to limit the risk that one-of-a-kind pictures remain intact, so placing Styrofoam or other packing materials around them is helpful. Additionally, place any foods or liquids that could potentially leak or spill far away from artwork and photographs.