Tips for members of the clergy moving out of state

When you’re reassigned to a new parish or congregation, you might have mixed feelings. The opportunity to serve a new flock is certainly appealing, but the sight of relocation movers packing up all of your possessions can be saddening. Look at this situation as a chance to improve the comfort you lend to members of your church based on what you’ve learned at your previous post.

For instance, you should look at yourself in the mirror and think about what your greatest shortcomings were. Some pastors, for examples, have areas of expertise they lean on while ignoring others. Perhaps you focused too heavily on your own denomination and didn’t reach out to other orders. Conversely, you might have helped to raise funds too enthusiastically for your own congregation while neglecting the community at large.

You can also take stock of what your strengths were as the long distance moving and storage professionals expertly box and ship your items. It’s quite possible what you took for granted as part of the job at one post will be a much needed addition to the church’s operations at another position. Above all, remember to keep in touch with as many parishioners as possible, both for their sake and to help you remember how to best serve your new flock.