Tips for Hosting Your Family for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us. It’s an exciting time for visiting with family and friends. Even more exciting is if you’ve just moved into your new home and you want to show it off to all of your family and friends. Inviting extended family to your new home takes guts (so, kudos to you) and can be a little bit stressful. Below, we have a few tips to share with you to ensure that your holiday gatherings in your new home go as smooth as possible!

Stick with What You Know

If you’ve never roasted a turkey before, now may not be the best time to experiment. No need to stress though, get some help from someone you know is an expert or buy a pre-made meal from a local business. Focus on what you do best, and do them your way.

If Traditional Isn’t Your Thing, Don’t Do It

Few things are worse than preparing a huge meal you are uninterested in for a family gathering. Check in with your family ahead of time to gauge interest in doing something a little different, like lasagna, surf ‘n turf or pizza even! Who knows, one non-traditional party might be just what your guests need this season.

Do As Much Prep As Possible

Most appetizers and hors d’oeuvres freeze very well. Chopping veggies, peeling potatoes and table setting should all be done in advance so you’ll have extra time in the kitchen when preparing the main meal. If you don’t need the extra time in the kitchen, get out and mingle with your guests!

Dress the Part!

If you look good, you’ll feel better, and when you feel better you’ll perform well. Throw on a festive sweater and a good pair of slacks; rock this holiday gathering like a champ! Guests commonly want to be hosted by someone who wants to host them. Additionally, looking festive will do wonders for your spirit.

We hope that these tips help you whip up some ideas for your next big holiday gathering. In the meantime, if you you’re not ready to host a party but are looking to move into a new home where you can host in the future, Stevens Worldwide Van Lines wants to help! To request a free, in-home estimate check out our estimate form!