The top four cities for corporate relocations

The location of a business is an important factor of its success. The region’s climate, talent pool and source of customers all have profound reverberations in how effectively a company operates.

The attractiveness of a particular metro to potential employees is another way a company’s location can affect its bottom line. With this in mind, Heidrick & Struggles International, a leadership advisory firm, conducted a survey to identify the most and least desirable cities for attracting talent.

The extensive report, which polled more than 50 consultants in 2010 and 2012, revealed that four cities satisfied all the requirements from both professional and quality of life standpoints – Atlanta, Chicago, Denver and Dallas.

Although these cities all topped the list, their reasons for doing so were different. Chicago and Denver received positive responses for their culture and opportunities – Chicago for its reputation as a cultural center and Denver for its enviable outdoor lifestyle.

Conversely, Atlanta and Dallas, although they were both cited for their low costs of living, pushed their way to the top mainly for their business-friendly infrastructures.

All of these four “best in class” cities were seen as the most likely to entice prospective employees into moving out of state for a new job – an important factor in a business’ success. Of the four metros, Atlanta was ultimately given the highest marks. The city’s pro-business attitude is thought to have played a major role in its success, and is something the local officials work consistently to bolster.

Paulette Braddock, a Georgia Representative, recently discussed the success the state has seen in terms of attracting businesses, and also her plans to continue it.

“Georgia is now ranked as one of the five most competitive states for doing business and the sixth-friendliest towards small businesses,” she said. “While our ranking has improved, I join with Governor [Nathan] Deal to make it our goal to be the number one state. Companies continue to move here and bring jobs with them.”

A region’s ability to lure businesses by offering tax cuts, incentive programs and a steady supply of workers can make it a wise decision for companies to consider moving their headquarters. If they do so, relocation movers can help them take advantage of an area’s benefits by minimizing the amount of energy they must spend on managing the move. Corporate relocation companies are experts at orchestrating and carrying out resettlements, meaning that reestablishing headquarters in a city such as Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and Denver could be within reach.