The Promise of Protecting Your Transferee’s Household Goods

Wouldn’t it be great if you were guaranteed certain things in life? Peace of mind, happiness, stability? What exactly is a guarantee? Merriam-Webster defines a guarantee as “assurance for the fulfillment of a condition”. Aside from being a term hurled around by professional athletes assuring a win, true guarantees are rather uncommon.

As your transferee begins to prepare for their relocation, what if you could guarantee them that all of their possessions would be fully covered from loss, damage or theft? Such protection exists! As a Human Resources professional for your organization, the better you understand the protection options available, the more protected your transferees will be.

What Protects My Transferees?

Your relocation service provider makes every effort to ensure the safety of your transferee’s household goods throughout each stage of the moving process. However, in spite of the most careful efforts, sometimes damage and loss can occur during the relocation. After all, furniture is meant to be in one’s home, not stacked ten feet high in a truck, traveling 60 miles per hour down freeways across the country.

Should damage or loss occur, your transferee will be compensated for their damaged items at some level, based on the type of valuation coverage specified in the moving contract.

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