The perfect moving day schedule

Moving day is an impossibly hectic day. Between helping your state to state movers, driving to your new home and unpacking, there will be very little time for rest. In most cases, you’ll be busy for the entire day and unable to relax until it’s bedtime.

Create an agenda so you’re not overwhelmed with all of your moving-day responsibilities. Consider the following moving and packing tips to create the optimal relocation schedule.

The early bird gets the worm
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially when you’ll be physically exerting yourself. Wake up earlier than usual and cook a nutritious meal so you’re ready to tackle the challenges ahead of you. Avoid overeating because moving on an upset stomach is a very unpleasant experience.

Additionally, you should use the extra time in the morning to make any last-minute preparations. Finish packing any of your prized possessions that aren’t in boxes. Ensure that your overnight bag is ready.

Assist your movers when possible
A household moving company is valuable ally when it’s time to relocate. Movers can help you through many basic steps like packing, but on the big day, everyone has to pitch in whenever possible.

Clearly label all of your boxes so movers know what containers have fragile items. Organize your possessions so that the professionals don’t leave any of your belongings behind. An orderly house ensures that you won’t waste any time during the transition.

Unload the trucks as fast as possible
The most difficult part of moving-day is unloading all of your boxes off of the truck. The process can take hours and will take up the majority of your day. Unpack your car as fast as possible so that you can help movers with the rest of your belongings.

Don’t rush the unloading process. Put every box in the correct room so that you don’t have to spend time correcting your mistakes later.

Stop and relax
Unpacking the truck is physically exhausting. As a result, you won’t have much energy or you’ll be prone to errors that will be bothersome down the road.

You’ve earned a break and you should enjoy it. Go explore your neighborhood and have dinner at a fine local eatery. Introduce yourself to some of your new neighbors and start making friends. After a relaxing evening of exploring the town, go home and get a good night’s rest to gear up for a big day of unpacking.